Affirmation New Year

Affirmation New Year

This powerful book (journal) of affirmations, backed by biblical confirmation, helps the reader to gain mental clarity and emotional freedom. The reader will leave this experience renewed, refreshed and revived.

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About the Book

Transformation is a powerful thing. Unfortunately, many people struggle to transform. It is human nature to get caught up in the routines of life: school, work, marriage, death and disparity can all take a toll. Many times, we suffer so strongly from depression, frustration, self-doubt and self-pity that we prevent ourselves from living out our true purpose and a fulfilled life. My belief is that purpose is not necessarily for the individual, but for the glorifying of God’s kingdom. I am also a firm believer that when each of us operates in our purpose, everyone wins. With that being said, how great would it be for us to get to that level? What if we all discovered our purpose and actively participated in it? What if we all could live more fulfilled and abundant lives, uninhibited by emotional bondage, through the saving grace of the Holy Spirit? Just what if?

I invite you to take this challenge, which will help you to do just that.

My prayer is that everyone who reads this book and participates in this challenge will experience the same exact emotional freedom. This experience does not mean you will not have trials throughout your life, but my prayer is that you will be better equipped to get through tough times and that you will help someone else along the way.

Genre: Inspirational
Publisher: KDP
Publication Year: 2019
Length: 32 pages
ASIN: 1732079625
ISBN: 1732079625

List Price: 15.00
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About the Author
Alvionna Brewster, MSN-Ed, RN

Alvionna Brewster has been a registered nurse practicing since 2005. Ms. Brewster has dedicated her career to the advancement of cardiovascular medicine, health promotion and preventative care. Alvionna is also passionate about leadership within the community, mentorship of new nurses and the advancement of nursing through educational excellence and entrepreneurship.

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