4zero Consulting, LLC
Address: 1431 Greenway Drive Ste 800
Irving, TX
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Bridging Gaps in Healthcare Compliance
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 A Woman Owned small business with 20 years of experience in Health Insurance industry, including Commercial Health Plans as well as Government programs with expertise in Medicaid, Long-Term Care, and CHIP; as well as Federal and State Regulations. 4zero (40) Consulting is a company built on dignity and having a sense of worthiness. We are dependable and patient, yet persistent. Our methodical approach to improving knowledge gaps between health plans and regulators they contract with through Compliance training and/or providing vulnerability reports. And in turn, reducing and/or eliminating Liquidated Damages imposed on health plans by regulators for non-compliance.

4zero Consulting’s main focus is Health Plan Compliance. We do not care who gets the credit. We just want to win. When companies are compliant, everyone and most importantly our clients/members win.  

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Alvionna Brewster, LLC
Address: 825 Watters Creek Blvd.
Ste 250
Allen, TX
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Hello, I am Alvionna Brewster, MSN-Ed, RN. I am the Nurse Extraordinaire. What this means is that I love being involved in helping people to grow and get the best out of life through education, empowerment, motivation and resources. I believe that when a seed is planted, nourished and protected, it will grow and continue to give back. This is my motto and my hope for the people that I touch and inspire.

*I have written and published two books. I also have created a book writing/self-publishing course.
* I am the founder of BNE which is the best networking organization for black nurses interested in entrepreneurship.
* I teach CPR courses to help professionals and lay people understand and demonstrate basic life saving skills.
* I love to teach and mentor both nursing students and seasoned nurses.
* I love to speak about and teach health promotion and primary prevention techniques.
* And I love to be creative, so I make things.

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Black Nurse Entrepreneurs
Address: 825 Watters Creek Blvd
Allen, TX
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Mission: To merge black culture with the field of nursing to encourage entrepreneurship.
Vision: To be the premier networking organization that provides the best resources for black nurses to launch, build and grow healthy entrepreneurial endeavors worldwide.
Values: Cultural honor, servant leadership, morality, change agent, support.

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