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Kaysia Unlimited, LLC
Address: Plano, TX
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Kaysia Unlimited, LLC is a provider of unique, hand made waist beads. Choose from our inventory or request a custom piece.
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Kaysia Unlimited, LLC is a provider of unique, hand made waist beads. Culturally, waist beads are an African tradition worn as a sign of spiritual well being and protection as well as ornaments to promote body awareness and appreciation. Waist beads have also grown in popularity in Pop Culture. Many people wear them simply because they are gorgeous, to accentuate their beautiful bodies, and/or as an ornamental tool in weight management. Waist beads can be confidently worn by all shapes and sizes and can be used to gauge changes in weight. They have also been known to aid in weight loss as well as shaping the waist. Traditional waist beads are tied on and do not stretch. They are worn until they are cut off or break and roll up/down with weight gain/loss.

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Tameka McKneely, LLC
Address: 1431 Greenway Drive Ste 800
Irving, TX 75038
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I am a Multi-passionate Entrepreneur, whose gifts & talents included but are not limited to a Healthcare Compliance Alignment Consultant, Professional and Personal Accountability Consultant, Creative Designer, Inspiring Motivator, Purpose Cultivator, Real Estate  Investor and Innovator.

What if I tell you I can help you find your purpose and possibly help you make money while walking in it? It is time as men/women we live the life we were destined to live. We will be better fathers/mothers, husbands/wives, brothers/sisters, sons/daughters, friends and all around people for it. If you are ready to THRIVE and not just SURVIVE, click below let’s get started building your legacy.

Please Note: I am not a “Fix your life” Consultant. Nor do I give people “Purpose”. We each were created to live a purpose driven life and have said purpose within us. I help people realize their gifts and talents that lead to a purpose driven life. I then provide actionable steps to help you move towards living out your purpose.

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